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10 Agency Instagram Feeds You Should Be Following

Posted by Anne Holub on 5/17/17 4:03 PM

You may have thought that after connecting with an agency’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter account, you were done, but don’t neglect to check out a marketing agency’s Instagram feed to really get a sense of who they are. Unlike Twitter’s tendency for retweets and short blasts, or Facebook’s carefully curated content, or even LinkedIn’s strict “business only” vibe, Instagram seems to be where companies go to let their hair down. Here are some great agency feeds you should check out.

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Content Strategy & Design: The Value of a Content-First Approach to UX [Event Recap]

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 4/28/17 4:34 PM

WunderLand’s recent CIDD Meetup, Content Strategy & Design, was especially close to my heart. Earlier in my career I was part of Aon  Hewitt’s very first “Human Factors” team—back nearly 15 years ago talked about topics that remain important today in UX like user testing and getting to know our user audience. Times have changed with the addition of Artificial Intelligence and its content development implications but the fundamental question of which comes first, content versus design, is still a rich topic of conversation.

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In-House Creative: An Inside Look At Managing Design At The Nation's Top Brands [Event Recap]

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 3/1/17 8:51 AM

Last week’s CIDD Meet-Up “In-House Creative,” provided the opportunity for a packed house of creatives to engage in a lively discussion of Agency Vs. Corporate life headed by four of Chicago’s creative leaders who took the plunge from agency waters to in-house. Our panelists included: Ryan Duritsa, Group Creative Director at Walgreens; Marnie Breen Vosper, Creative Director at Northwestern University;  Susan Bonner, Executive Creative Director at RR Donnelley; and Trina Uzee, Executive Creative Director at Allstate.

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WunderLand Group Wins Inavero's 2017 Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards

Posted by WunderLand on 2/16/17 4:30 PM

Earned by less than two percent of all staffing agencies in the U.S. and Canada.


CHICAGO, IL--(February 16, 2017) - WunderLand Group, talent acquisition experts in digital, marketing and creative, has been recognized by Inavero, earning the Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for the second consecutive year. Best of Staffing winners are proven industry leaders in service quality, based completely on the ratings given to them by the clients they have served and talent they have placed.

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Building Customer-Centric Marketing Teams

Posted by WunderLand on 2/10/17 1:34 PM

Effective marketing leaders in 2017 aren’t just aligning their department activities with business goals and objectives, they are sitting at the table helping to develop company strategy. Marketing teams of 2017 will undoubtedly look different than they did in 1997 or 2007.

Over the last several years there has been a shift in perspective. Instead of being product-centric, marketing has become more consumer-centric, focused on adding value and opening up new avenues for customer engagement.

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Marketing Metrics that Matter (infographic)

Posted by WunderLand on 2/1/17 3:39 AM

Marketers are constantly on the search for useful metrics. While knowing baseline metrics is always a good thing, deciding which of those metrics are valuable-which ones turn into leads-can be confusing.

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Who Are You? Beginning Your Career as A Creative Professional

Posted by Molly Sutton on 1/13/17 4:09 PM

When you’re first starting out, landing a job in a creative field is no small feat. It’s a challenge expressing yourself as a creative professional, especially without a portfolio of work you’ve done for recognizable clients… well, at least not yet.  So how do you show your potential employers or clients who you are? How do you tell your story?

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Career Crossroads: Should You Work At an Agency or In-House?

Posted by Molly Sutton on 12/16/16 5:46 PM

If you’re exploring a career in marketing, there’s one key decision you need to make: do you want to work for an agency or in-house? Based on your personality and priorities, the decision to go the agency or the in-house route, can have a big impact on your job satisfaction—potentially more than even your role or position.  

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Pretty or Practical? Resume Tips for Designers

Posted by Molly Sutton on 10/27/16 9:02 AM


If you’re in the creative professional field, you’re rewarded for turning something ordinary into something bold, creative, and intriguing. As a designer, you know better than anyone that everything you create is a testament to your talent. So what about your resume? Which route should you go: pretty or practical?  

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Best Outlets to Express and Inspire Your Creativity

Posted by Molly Sutton on 10/5/16 4:13 PM

Creativity is energy—powerful, beautiful, and transcending. At times we’re full of creativity and indulge freely and excitedly in its expression.  At other times our creative energy is low and we crave inspiration to get us going again.  Where do you go when your creativity ebbs and flows? 

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