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This month, Advocate Aurora Health’s Executive Director of Brand, Mickey Ramirez, and Marketing Director, Kate Raasch, sat down with WunderLand to discuss the creative ways they are building their marketing team. Our biggest key takeaways are below. To check out the full video, you can visit our LinkedIn Page. Here’s what we learned:

What is Advocate Aurora Health’s brand team doing to creatively get the work done?

Advocate Aurora Health has built a team that functions as an in-house agency. They looked at where they have the right resources and the right people and take the pieces to create financial efficiencies, all while allowing their team to take on more work. This has given the marketing team a chance to match the tone and pace of the overall organization. It also frees up the team to really drive and focus the overall strategy and develop the right tactical plan that meets the needs of the consumers based on factual insights.

How does Advocate Aurora Health keep the work interesting to mirror agency life?

Advocate Aurora Health tries to mirror the agency world but instead of different clients, it gives individuals new campaigns, new business goals, and/or different feelings of work (i.e. heavier or more uplifting).

By doing so, team members have the chance to try new things, build their portfolios or work on things that speak to their passions. It is important to feed employees new challenges while not making them completely uncomfortable.

The way Advocate Aurora Health brings the brand to consumers doesn’t look the same. There are a lot of different ways to speak to healthcare, but everything should start with an inspired strategy.

How can you defy the great resignation and keep your team intact?

Advocate Aurora Health’s Brand team has been successful at keeping its team intact. The secret sauce? Keep it a constant focus. Cultivate relationships every day, give employees new challenges, have hard conversations and make the team feel valued.

It’s important for employees to understand their path forward in their careers and how the team is going to help them get there through the work and the opportunities. It’s a lot of work but it’s the most important work for leadership.

It doesn’t hurt that the in-house agency brings a great mixture of corporate life and the creative agency feel. The team gets to do creative, amazing things while also being taken care of in the way corporate employees can be.

Want to learn more? Check out the full 20-minute conversation here