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Jen Iliff

Jen Iliff

Jen Iliff is SVP, WL Studio & Managed Projects at WunderLand Group. Jen's 25-year career in marketing spans multiple industries including in most recent years, staffing, recruitment, and recruitment process outsourcing. She has successfully led marketing teams, strategy and operations including brand, inbound and outbound lead generation and sales support with attention to revenue generation, budget management, metrics, and executive-level reporting. Prior to joining Advanced Group Jen led marketing, communications and public relations for The RightThing, a high-growth RPO where she delivered on critical marketing initiatives and tools to build brand credibility, customer traffic, leads, retention, and overall sales effectiveness. Previously, as VP of Marketing and Sales for Sky Finance Group, Jen led a large team with eight regions and 350 offices, where she oversaw all marketing activities including more than 20 mergers and acquisitions. Jen has also run her own marketing consulting practice where she delivered work across multiple industries and marketing disciplines. Jen earned her bachelor of science degree in journalism and public relations from Bowling Green State University and has advanced marketing certifications from Bank Marketing and Management.

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