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Looking to Break into Content Strategy? Content Academy Can Help!

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 10/20/17 11:00 AM


I’m always eager to learn about ways professionals and students can continue their education and keep their skills sharp—without incurring debt! WunderLand recently hosted a Lunch and Learn here at our offices with Rebecca Steurer, co-founder of Content Academy. Her mission is to build a sense of community for Content Strategists. She and her business partner, Scott Winterroth, have established a place where folks looking to either transition their careers into Content Strategy or students wishing to improve their marketability can meet and grow their skills.

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Paid Time Off is Not Just Personal Time Off

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 10/6/17 11:00 AM


Cook County recently passed a Paid Sick Leave Ordinance which is resulting in Human Resources headaches across the area. This new ordinance is creating a trend to offer employees two Paid Time Off categories, one for personal PTO and one for sick time. This change is taking place throughout the country. States including California, Connecticut, Oregon, and New York have implemented paid sick leave as an additional PTO bucket and as of July 1, 2017, Cook County joined the initiative here in Illinois. 

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Exploring Virtual Reality at the CIDD Meetup

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 9/15/17 8:38 AM


If someone hands you two cans of spray paint—and those cans hold an infinite array of colors, shapes, and textures—and grants you permission to graffiti an entire cityscape wall…what would you create? No doubt you’d spray paint your name in fuchsia with plenty of stars and curly cues right?! Not only did I do JUST THAT along a wall over in Chicago’s Fulton Market, but I walked right through each letter and shape, too. My colleagues walked through rainforests and changed tires on cars…Yes this excitement and more captivated our audience of Virtual Reality Enthusiasts at WunderLand’s most recent CIDD Meetup held over at the friendly, welcoming loft of Next/Now, a leader in the digital marketing experiential space here in Chicago’s West Loop.

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Changes on the Digital Marketing Hiring Landscape

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 7/31/17 4:52 PM

I graduated college with $45K of debt and one clear mission: FIND A JOB. That was (many) years ago and as we know, college and higher education costs only continue to rise. Ryan Deiss may very well have discovered a path to help people realize a successful career without the debt that can come along with it. He also may be providing hiring managers with tools to help qualify top digital marketing talent.

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Content Strategy & Design: The Value of a Content-First Approach to UX [Event Recap]

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 4/28/17 4:34 PM

WunderLand’s recent CIDD Meetup, Content Strategy & Design, was especially close to my heart. Earlier in my career I was part of Aon  Hewitt’s very first “Human Factors” team—back nearly 15 years ago talked about topics that remain important today in UX like user testing and getting to know our user audience. Times have changed with the addition of Artificial Intelligence and its content development implications but the fundamental question of which comes first, content versus design, is still a rich topic of conversation.

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In-House Creative: An Inside Look At Managing Design At The Nation's Top Brands [Event Recap]

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 3/1/17 8:51 AM

Last week’s CIDD Meet-Up “In-House Creative,” provided the opportunity for a packed house of creatives to engage in a lively discussion of Agency Vs. Corporate life headed by four of Chicago’s creative leaders who took the plunge from agency waters to in-house. Our panelists included: Ryan Duritsa, Group Creative Director at Walgreens; Marnie Breen Vosper, Creative Director at Northwestern University;  Susan Bonner, Executive Creative Director at RR Donnelley; and Trina Uzee, Executive Creative Director at Allstate.

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Hot Digital Needs, Bummer Location

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 4/13/16 12:25 PM

Questions often heard from suburban-based hiring managers revolve around how to attract creative talent to their off-the-beaten path locations. While it’s true that in today’s job market, candidates are in the driver’s seat and major cities like Chicago, New York and San Francisco offer a plethora of advertising agencies, design firms, and corporate in-house agencies in the heart of the city, not all companies in the ‘burbs have problems attracting top digital and mobile design talent. What are they doing right? If you want the best, you must entice and make it easy for talent to get to where you are.

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What Does an SEO Specialist Do?

Posted by Sharon Potsch on 4/15/15 2:53 PM

Recently, we were fortunate to share a little lunch and learning with an SEO Expert, Liz Micik. Liz brings over 30 years of marketing experience and is currently on contract through WunderLand working on a complex content migration effort. We sat down with her to learn a little bit about the changing world of Search Engine Optimization! 

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