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We know Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new. It has been 12 years since Siri launched. Today, there are 152 AI Design tools that can assist with a variety of design-related projects and of course, ChatGPT and other open-source writing tools.

AI has solidified itself as a disruption in our industry, forcing transformation for many marketing, digital and creative professionals. AI technologies can be and should be informing strategies, visions and pushing organizations’ innovation, but is a tool that can be often underutilized.

How can you best adopt AI?

Identify the business. Not all AI is created equal and there are endless types of AI that can solve many different types of issues. We recommend deciding first: what are you trying to solve for or improve and where. This can help identify the type of AI solution you may need. 

Second, audit your existing tools and seek out ways you can sync and use your technology systems. You can always work with the tool’s representatives who likely have robust roadmaps and best practices. Many times, companies have already invested in certain technologies that have way more capabilities than they may be using.

Third, data is your friend. Evaluate performance on an ongoing basis and adjust the tools, systems and processes. AI should be treated as an ongoing tactic that has constant analyzing to ensure it’s being used optimally. Don’t just stop once you have it launched.  

Are you already advanced in your AI technologies? Perhaps it’s time to invest in creating your own that can set you aside from your competitors, like chatbots or other tools that can improve the user experience.

AI will continue to evolve and will be here for the long haul. Don’t delay implementing it any longer. WunderLand works with engaged, knowledgeable and advanced professionals in the creative, digital and marketing space. If you are looking to audit your use of AI, build your own tools or perfect your systems, look no further! Connect with us on LinkedIn or contact us today for a consultation!