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Did you know there are over 11k MarTech platforms that exist today? This number has doubled in the last five years. That means that marketing leaders are overwhelmed with options when it comes to finding the best platforms to engage customers. So, how does a marketing, creative or digital leader stay abreast of emerging technology and separate the wheat from the chaff?

  1. Don’t skip trend reports. Marketers are busy, trust us, we get it! And while many are working hard to just get tasks done, it’s important to carve out time in busy schedules to keep up to date on trend reports. Most marketers have a slew of resources that help identify emerging technologies. Hold some time on your calendar each week to check in and utilize these reports. The number of reports available can be overwhelming in itself, so identify the source that you find easiest to read and trust, and stick to it. 

  2. Experiment Early. Metaverse, AI, voice search. We know these trends are coming so don’t wait to start utilizing them and putting them to practice. We recommend finding 1-2 low-budget and low-risk tactics where you can start playing with the tools. This testing stage allows you to: find what works best for your organization, become a subject matter expert and find the areas where you can improve upon. All these learnings will then allow you to confidently use these tools in higher-risk tactics.

  3. Utilize Peer Networking. It’s likely you have good friends at competitors or other types of marketing functions in different organizations. Don’t be afraid to reach out to these peers and hear what they are doing, what they are finding effective and where they are having the most success. We all can learn from each other, and while it may seem strange to brainstorm with a competitor, it also may lead to some key insights for both you and them.

Don’t let yourself lag in your technologies. Learn about the tools you have, how to use them, and best practices for going to market and see your marketing function flourish! For more tips or to connect, visit our website