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Imagine having the option to buy a front-row ticket to a Beyonce concert either in-person or a mixed reality ticket which allows you to experience the concert – almost exactly like you were there but never leaving your living room. Or school shopping for your teen at Abercrombie and needing to buy both real clothes for their in-person school days and Abercrombie-branded clothes for their Avatar to attend virtual sessions.

Welcome to the metaverse!

The Metaverse is in the innovation stage of adoption but soon, early adopters will be leveraging the Metaverse in their go-to-market strategies. It’s coming and new roles in the marketing, creative and digital space will come with it.

The Metaverse will give marketers a fresh opportunity to innovate and change the ways consumers engage with their brand. Experience will no longer live just in-person or on the web, but now customers can experience a brand at any time and in new ways. 

Now is the time to experiment! Because it’s still in its early stages, brands can start testing and learning; and move on quickly from failure and benefit from success. Like any marketing strategy, marketers will need to clearly identify objectives and goals, best channels for utilization and conduct constant evaluation. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage in this exciting technology early! If you want to learn more about the Metaverse or would love to explore how to build this function in your marketing team, reach out to us today!