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What's the right talent mix for your marketing team

Leaders who create successful marketing teams think differently about their blend of talent resources. They put a premium on being agile and lean. They creatively combine resources from employees, agencies, consultants, and freelancers to create the best mix of talent for their team to be successful. So, how do you creatively combine talent resources to find the right talent mix for your team?

Although it requires creative thinking, there’s a systematic approach to determining the best flexible workforce model for you... here's the low-down on how it works. 

The Flexible Workforce Model

What was once a trend is now a norm. Organizations of every type and size recognize that a contingent workforce offers opportunities for competitive advantage – enhanced profitability, increased operating efficiency, higher-level expertise, agility, just to name a few. You've probably realized some of these advantages already and are looking for ways to make your workforce strategy even better. 

Not so sure about the flexible workforce? Read Managing the Changing Workforce in Today's Digital World to learn more! 

At first glance, adding a few contingent resources to your team might seem like your silver bullet but it’s not that simple. To get real value from your flexible workforce requires reallocating resources, re-imagining your approach to recruiting, hiring and managing your blended team differently. It's tough but worth it. In fact, over half of executives surveyed by Deloitte said their company struggled with how they manage independent workers

The Best of Both Worlds

So, what’s behind the challenges of a blended workforce? And how can your team experience the full benefits of this highly productive approach? It starts by going back to the basics and identifying your needs.

There are two important considerations in building the right talent mix for your team: internal business needs and the current employment landscape. It’s a best practice, and especially as the gig economy continues its upward trend, that you regularly evaluate your blend of talent resources. It could be that some positions are better suited for a full-time employee, that were once made for temp work. Others may be better served by outsourcing to support projects on an on-demand basis. 

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To help determine the right talent mix for your team, there are five questions you need to ask:

WLG Infographic - Building a Talent Team for Success FINAL-01

What's the right talent mix for your team? Five questions: 

  1. What business needs will I need to support in the next 1-3 years?
  2. Will these fresh needs benefit from new perspectives or deeper experience?
  3. What skills will need to be in place that do not exist today and how do they differ from what my team is now providing?
  4. What would best fill the need – a permanent employee or a contractor?
  5. Will projects be static throughout the year or evolving frequently?

The answers will help you determine and build the best workforce blend for your team.

Smarter Talent Development

Employers are consistently getting smarter about how they build their teams, thinking beyond traditional models to truly optimize their workforce (AKA how  to get more done with less). If you start thinking more creatively about how work gets done – and who does it – you’ll position your business for continued, long-term success.

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Learn to Navigate the Modern Flexible Workforce and discover the right mix of talent for your marketing team. Download: The Modern Manager's Guide to the Flexible Workforce: Build an Agile Marketing Team Through a Talent On-Demand Approach