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3_MTQwNy5pMDM1LjAwNS5TLm0wMDMuYzExLndvcmsgcGxhY2UgZGVzaWduZXIgZmxhdC5qcGcTop creative talent will always be in short supply and high demand.

These elusive creatures aren’t about to show up in your lobby looking for work—you have to find them, attract them and do whatever it takes to hire and retain them.

Want top creative talent? Think creatively!

Search creatively.

Your standard job listing won’t attract anyone you’d consider top creative talent. If you’re going to list your job opening, at the very least write a creative listing that gives talented people a reason to respond:

Wrong: Software company seeks creative digital designer with minimum 3 years’ experience. Competitive salary and great benefits.

Right: Prodigious digital designer needed for breakthrough mobile concept. Flex hours, serious money and free parking in the heart of River North.

But top creative people don’t spend much time reading job listings. You need to grab their attention through social media, and what you post is more important than where you post it. You don’t have to create a campaign as spectacular as this one—just something that grabs attention, promotes sharing and demonstrates what kind of workplace you’re offering.

Most important—don’t wait until you need someone to start looking. Top creative talent should always be on your radar screen.

Interview like a creative director.

When top creative talent arrives for an interview, it’s a two-way street—they’re interviewing you as much as you’re interviewing them. Make sure your interview skills are up to their talent level!

But don’t get carried away with wanting them to want you. You can’t be a pushover—if anything, you need to ask harder questions and demand better answers than you would in an “ordinary” interview.

For instance: you’ve reviewed the resume and you love the portfolio. But what about the stories behind the work?

  • What special challenges did a particular project meet?
  • What alternatives were rejected?
  • How did they get buy-in from different stakeholders?
  • What metrics demonstrate the success of the project?

Meanwhile, ask yourself—will they fit with our culture? Do they come across as easy to work with? What does your gut tell you?

Keep ‘em happy (and well fed).

Top talent expects to get paid like top talent, of course, but benefits and perks can be just as big a factor in retaining them. In addition to the standard health benefits, other popular “bennies” include:

  • Wellness programs and gym memberships
  • Vacations, “floating” time off and maternity/paternity leave
  • Flex time and remote working capabilities
  • Tuition reimbursement and paid training
  • Free food

Given all that, people and situations change. If you notice a top creative being absent more often, begging off social activities or delivering substandard work, schedule some face time right away. Something’s wrong—you need to find out what it is and fix it, before you’re once again searching for top creative talent.

Use the right recruiters.

A staffing agency like WunderLand that specializes in creative talent can save you untold time, money and frustration.

We already have relationships with the top creative talent you need. We’ve screened the resumes and portfolios, so we’ve already got a pretty good idea who might be a perfect fit for your company—and who probably isn’t.

It’s never easy to hire and retain top creative talent. But we can make it a lot less challenging.