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What if I told you 1/3 of your team was looking for a new job? According to data from Mercer, they are. To add to the pressure, there are more options for those job seekers than ever before. Between the gig economy, talent shortages, and a changing of the generational guard (the millennial is now the largest generation at work and will comprise up to 75% of the workforce by 2025), your employees have options.

Losing an employee can have a far reaching and lasting impact. Employee turnover costs more than filling a role; turnover can affect team morale, reduce individual productivity, and delay critical projects. And in a specialized area such as ux design or web copy writing, replacing that employee can take several months.  

Download our guide, How to Keep a High-Performing Team and Combat the Talent Shortage for more insight.

So what is a manager to do?  Try these five real fixes to reduce turnover in the long run. 

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Not sure where to start? WunderLand Group is here to help you determine a talent strategy that will enable you to build and keep a high-performing creative, digital, marketing team. Learn more here.