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CIDD_twitter_logoWunderLand was pleased to host the Chicago Interactive Design & Development meetup group (CIDD) on April 16, 2015, at which Adam Kallish spoke on 'How Digital Infrastructure Affects User Experience.'

Everyone uses infrastructure to access a network, store a file and use cloud services to run applications. With the rise and integration of mobile, social, analytics and security that weaves together on-premise and off-premise infrastructure, there are many technologies and platforms that allow people to access their “stuff” from anywhere.

This 90 minute presentation, follow by a Q&A period, is geared to individuals who use digital tools, but may not know how the cloud or supporting infrastructure works behind the scenes and does have an impact on the user experience. 

Adam Kallish has dedicated his professional career to brand design with underpinnings in business consulting and collaborative deployment teams for large corporations. These areas are deployed through integrated multi-disciplinary teams and program management linking vision to requirements to results. He is currently UX Team Lead with IBM Systems Group. Collaborating with a team of user experience professionals, system architects, front-end and back-end developers, they are shaping storage services that help enterprises protect their data. Adam received his undergraduate degree from University of Illinois at Chicago, a master's from Rhode Island School of Design, and a Fulbright to the National Institute of Design in India.