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We love the time of year where endings turn into new beginnings. We get to reflect, reminisce and start fresh with more experience and knowledge than before. At Wunderland Group, we have a tradition of looking back on the year in the creative industry and listing our favorite ads produced by our comrades. Although industry professionals ourselves, our 2017 selection of favorites was no exception to the rules of consumer trends: we really love video, we're all about brands advocating for social issues, we're living online. 

See below some of our favorite creative works of 2017.  


Cory Hathaway .jpgCory HathawayTalent Engagement Specialist | West Coast Staffing Agency

Favorite work: Imagination: Tom Wallisc

I think it's a quality work because: Sherpca Studio’s did a really good job re-producing a classic skiing video by JP Auclair. This needed to be produced in a tasteful way since it is a tribute to a fallen member of the ski community, and I feel as though both The North Face and Sherpa did just that. The video evokes the childhood imagination that I personally had.

It's my favorite because: I used to do the same exact thing when I was little. I can remember riding the school bus and imagining that there was someone outside riding a snowboard alongside. The video is also just so well produced. The company did a really great job in evoking the imagination I had as a child and probably that many others had when they were growing up. If you are from a mountain town or skied or snowboarded growing up then you probably know exactly where this kid is coming from.


Maura-McCann.jpg Maura McCannTalent Engagement Specialist | Midwest Staffing Agency

Favorite work: Fearless Girl

I think it's a quality work because: It was really relevant this year to put out something that captures the audience of young girls everywhere. It was a different message, and something so unexpected on a street like Wall street. Seeing people come from near and far just to get a look or a picture was really inspiring.

It's my favorite because: I think males and females alike needed this marketing campaign. A nod to females that they are just as fearless as any man. And to show men how powerful we can be in the face of something bigger than us.


Ed-Pihota.jpgEd Pihota, Client Engagement Manager | East Coast Staffing Agency  

Favorite work: A Simple but Very Effective Way to Save Water

I think it's a quality work because: It is quality because of the video work and how it is put together.

It’s one of my favorites because: It shows all the lives it touches and all of its usage for something we all take for granted.


Cait-Walsh.jpg Cait Cyr, Client Engagement Associate | East Coast Staffing Agency

Favorite work: #AboveTheNoise 

I think it's a quality work because: It is shot like the trailer for a movie – beautiful cinematography and editing, excellent narration, dramatic music and a compelling story that ties it all together.

It's my favorite because: It portrays the stories of international celebrities that were riddled with adversity on their road to fame and they overcame it by rising above and ignoring the naysayers.  It speaks to anyone who has faced adversity, negativity, hardship or doubt. This is especially relevant today when outside opinions in the news and social media seem to surround and influence us constantly. It is an important reminder to “shut off your ears” – as the ad states – and remember that you are your own person in control of your own thoughts, beliefs, actions and life path. Motivational and inspirational – ad well done!  


Vrona-Marisa.jpg Marisa Vrona, Client Engagement Manager | Chicago Staffing Agency

Favorite work: Burger King Bullying Jr.

I think it's a quality work because: This is a timely piece as it takes a stand on a current topic of conversation – bullying. What makes this ad unique, is the unexpectedness of a fast-food restaurant coming out with a PSA that has nothing to do with food. While the company showed the product, I never felt as though I was being sold-to. Burger King was able to pair the humor of a grown man punching a burger with the heart wrenching comments that these teens struggled to bear by their peers.   

It's my favorite because: In full transparency, I worked on the Burger King account during my 5 years at Edelman Public Relations. I am proud to have promoted this brand that is taking a stand against a tough issue. Similar to watching the show “What Would You Do,” this ad made me think through what I would do if I were in this position as a bystander, and reflect on if I have been surrounded by bullies in the past, but turned a blind eye.


Commercial Spot

ErikaMass.jpg Erika Maass, Talent Engagement Manager | Chicago Staffing Agency 

Favorite work: Meet Molly, the Kid Who Never Stops Inventing

I think it’s a quality work because: This isn’t just an ad, it’s brand storytelling at its best. They engage you and draw you in with a relatable, yet inspiring character, and leave the overt branding for the very end, when you realize you’ve just learned a bit more about the intention and people behind GE.

It's my favorite because: I love that it’s a story. I love that they chose to focus on a bright, driven, strong female character – I’m all about girl power and highlighting brilliant young women, especially in a field like science and innovation – it’s important to continue advocating for equality in the workplace and I think this ad has a subtle way of doing that.


rcoiley.jpg Rachel Coiley, Talent Operations Manager | Chicago Staffing Agency

Favorite work: Gatorade Sisters in Sweat

I think this is a quality work because: The storytelling was very compelling! It kept my attention from start to finish and was totally relatable to me on many levels.

It’s my favorite because: I love the message that it sends “Just keep playing no matter what” – this brought back memories of the various sports teams I played on growing up, it also resonated with me as a mother with a small daughter at home. Such a positive & powerful message for young women everywhere!


Erin.png Erin Gartland, Senior Talent Engagement Manager | West Coast Staffing Agency

Favorite Work: Growing Up With an Upgrade to Galaxy  

I think this it's a quality work because: It just has such a great / compelling storyline which follows an Apple customer over the course of 10 years—from the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, to the release of the iPhone X. He’s clearly jealous of his girlfriend’s drama free experience with her Samsung…

It's my favorite because: I am an iPhone user and this ad made me sort of “scoff” at myself! So well done in terms of making fun of Apple – not only for the way people queue up for each and every product, but also by creating a very Apple-esque ad itself (the music, imagery, tone) it’s a well-executed jab at Apple and each time it comes on, I watch the whole spot.


Potsch-Sharon.jpg Sharon Potsch, Recruiting Team Lead | Chicago Staffing Agency 

Favorite work: Growing Up With an Upgrade to Galaxy  

I think it's a quality work because: It really speaks to multiple, specific situations of the iPhone that have (in my opinion) really gotten to the point of alienating loyal consumers.The graphics, music, and actors all really fit so well together—they didn’t stereotype a “hipster” or try too hard with the music…the agency really nailed the tone.

It's my favorite because: What made me love this ad so much is that I didn’t want to love it—I have been a loyal iPhone user since the original iPod days (dating myself, but it’s OK!) and I’m married to a visual designer so aesthetics and usability of Apple products is near and dear to my heart. The commercial made me question my loyalty because if it’s relatability. That combination makes the pitch believable and almost enough to at least make me pause, pay attention, and laugh at the irony of me, an avid Apple junkie, laughing at why someone would bother with an iPhone product. Job well done in my opinion!


 Print and Outdoor

 Head-Shot-Sophie-Kreiss.pngSophie Kreiss Talent Engagement Associate | West Coast Staffing Agency

Favorite work: The cover of Times most recent issues [December 2017]

Creative Work.jpg

 I think it's a quality work because: The image is relevant and profound, simple yet significant.

It's my favorite because: This cover could not have come at a more appropriate time. It conveys powerful women, leaders, and is diverse not only in race but age as well.  



Macee-Jo-Mueller-Headshot.jpg Macee Jo Mueller, Visual Communication Specialist | Chicago Staffing Agency

Favorite work: #DeltaDatingWall


It’s a quality work because: 1. Company collaboration is on point. 2. Appeals to their audience’s obsession with travel. 3. Very visually appealing and memorable.

It's my favorite because: This campaign caught my eye visually. I love the contrast of color and style. Companies need to make physical locations interactive, and although it’s not interactive, it’s definitely engaging! It’s a very share-able campaign!


Social Media 

ashley.png Ashley Tang, Talent Engagement Associate | West Coast Staffing Agency

Favorite work: #NuggsForCarter


I think it's a quality work because: It didn’t start off as an ad – just a consumer interacting with a brand he enjoyed. And the social media team at Wendy’s saw the opportunity and went for it.  It was the most retweeted Tweet of all time and Wendy’s got tons of free advertising in the process. 

It's my favorite because: I don’t eat tons of fast food, but I was definitely paying attention to them more because of the buzz on social media and discovered that their social media team is hilarious.  Wendy’s doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I always like big brands who can do that (plus, they also donated to money/raised awareness for a great cause, which is always a win in my book.)  The best ads don’t feel like ads at all (and in this case, it was never conceived as an ad – just a kid wanting some nuggets).  It was so simple/brilliant of a campaign without trying hard. 


Bryce-Kisker.jpg Bryce Kisker, Client Engagement Director | West Coast Staffing Agency

Favorite work: REI #OptOutside


I think it's a quality work because: I think this was a really cool way to use art to drive a social issue and not just a product.

It's my favorite because: This is not new but I love it and it continued to run this year.


Jesse-Sira-WLG.jpg Jesse Sira Jr., Client Engagement Manager | West Coast Staffing Agency 

Favorite work: Patagonia Worn Wear, “If it’s Broke, Fix It” campaign


I think it's a quality work because: It’s great to see an outdoor garment company promote repairing their products to help our environment, instead of simply looking to sell more products. Refreshing and inspiring to see a company keep their priorities straight, with profits not being on top of that list. As a result, Patagonia is doing better than ever.

It's my favorite because: It's such a simple idea, “ If it’s broke, fix it”. The fashion industry has a problem with promoting the over-consumption of poorly made products in terms of quality and impact to our environment. Having a company dedicate themselves to making quality products that can be used, repaired and even recycled is refreshing and necessary.

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