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WLG - Evergreen - Feature Article

Welcome to EVERGREEN on The WunderBlog, our bimonthly creative industry update. We collected our favorite articles from the WunderBlog and around the web to help you stay up to date on the latest creative, digital, and marketing trends. Enjoy this week's issue: Why Ethical Data and Influencer Strategies Are Essential for Success.

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Why Ethical Data and Influencer Strategies Are Essential for Success

Influencer marketing works because people trust who they trust. Learn how digital marketers can gain the trust of their audience through genuine engagement.

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5 Top Social Media ROI Best Practices for Successful Campaigns

Having an effective social media stategy starts with great content, effective targeting, and engaging the audience. We analyze five campaigns that adopted social media ROI best practices to optimize their ROI.


How To Overcome The Challenges of Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Marketers face big challenges when it comes to data. Learn how to leverage your data to create a concise customer journey and increase conversions.

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29 Reasons Digital Marketing Belongs in Your Public Relations Strategy

Digital marketing is an important part of every business’ public relations strategy. Learn how social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

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How Can AI Deepen Customer Relationships and Drive Business Outcomes?

AI technology has become essential in executing marketing strategies. Learn how AI can be helpful in deepening organizational relationships with customers.

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