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January 29, 2014

Does My Office Need a YouTube Channel?

youtube1-300x179YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world, behind Google. Every day over 4 billion videos are viewed per day (and that’s a 2012 statistic!). Starting a YouTube channel is a great way to leverage the solutions and knowledge that your employees have and position you as a thought leader in your respective industry. Would you prefer to watch someone explain a process or product or have to read 500 words about it? Most people would rather watch a short, well-designed video in order to truly understand the topic. Think back to your days in school and remember how easy it was to listen to some teachers explain the new things rather than just reading about it in your book; the same is true of a YouTube channel that appeals to wider audience.

Any Old Video Will Work

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make with YouTube is not taking it seriously. With the vast amount of available videos, users have the ability to choose from many, and yours has to stand out from the rest. It also has to hold their attention. If you have an automatic link to the channel from your website, your clients will have easy access to the videos but will they stay and watch the whole thing? The quality of the video is just as important as the knowledge it provides but don’t let this intimidate you. Making an informative video is not difficult and as long as you provide top quality information in an easy-to-understand format, your YouTube Channel will be successful.

Less is More

When you have clients trying to learn more about you and what you do, they don’t care about the music playing, the big words you use, or the flashy clothes you wear. Avoid doing too much in the video to distract and confuse the audience. No one likes to be overwhelmed and unable to digest what is being presented. Your office can portray the information in a clear and concise way yet still have fun with it. Stay away from silly costumes and props and cheesy music in the background; put a focus on the words being said and making it as short as possible.

Benefits of YouTube to Your Business

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses had to be convinced that they should blogging on a regular basis and now those who heeded that advice are reaping the benefits. The same is true for a YouTube Channel and the interaction it will create with you and potential and current customers. Users can go straight to your video for up-to-date information and ideas and the beauty of a video is they can put it on while they perform other tasks, all the while listening to it. A YouTube channel is like a never-ending marketing campaign that never loses its appeal.

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