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The marketing landscape continues to shift towards a more content focused paradigm, which means there is more content “noise” than ever before. Marketing teams need the resources to help their efforts stand out, so the requirements and expectations surrounding Content Marketing roles are fast evolving.

A competitive Content Marketer must be a hybrid marketer – part engineer, part artist. In other words, the next generation of successful marketers are equal parts Elon Musk and Georgia O’Keeffe.

So how do you attract those savvy, future-facing Content Marketers?

This Content Marketing job description is a great start to finding your next Elon O’Keeffe.

Although the role of Content Marketer may look different based on your organization's needs, these are the standard skill sets required of your Content Marketing Mangers to take your marketing team to the next level.

Ready to find the right content marketer to help your team satisfy the content cravings of your target audiences? Contact WunderLand today.