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If you’re exploring a career in marketing, there’s one key decision you need to make: do you want to work for an agency or in-house? Based on your personality and priorities, the decision to go the agency or the in-house route, can have a big impact on your job satisfaction—potentially more than even your role or position.  

Working for an agency exposes you to a wide scope of different projects and a variety of clients and industries, while deepening your skillset in one particular area. In-house offers you opportunities to learn and work broadly across all aspects of marketing, while immersed in the business objectives of one company. Boiled down, the choice is about your career trajectory, day-to-day work reality, and workplace environment.

Read the infographic to see how these two career options stack up.


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There’s no “right” choice – whether you feel an agency or an in-house role is an ideal opportunity, depends on your personality and how you want your career to evolve. You may find that each has positive aspects, so perhaps prioritizing things by importance will help you think through your decision more clearly.

(Editor's Note: This post was originally published on April 21, 2016 and has been updated to include new content within the comparisons and an infographic.)


WunderLand Group represents top talent for both creative agencies and in-house marketing departments. Our goal is to find both a role and an environment that is the best fit for you, based on your unique skillset and career aspirations. We always have exciting agency and in-house opportunities available, so have a look around. Or contact us directly—we’d love to help you find the kind of role you’re looking for.

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