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Questions You Should Ask During Your Job Interview

Posted by WunderLand on 2/10/14 5:35 AM

The interview is a two-way street – the hiring manager wants to learn about you, and this is your chance to learn about the company. So, at the end of the interview when the hiring manager asks, “Do you have any questions?” have a mental list ready, or refer to the written list you brought with you.

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Follow Up With Your Interviewer to Stay Relevant in a Job Search

Posted by WunderLand on 12/6/13 6:59 AM

There is more to landing the job than just acing the interview. The etiquette of the job interview is becoming a lost art. There is a level of professionalism expected in the job market today, and without it, you could have the necessary qualifications but be overlooked due to a lack of social abilities. After all, not every hour of the workday is engaged in business, and if you are unable to interact with other team members and management in an effective way, it can create an awkward environment.

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