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How to Network When You Hate Networking

Posted by Anne Holub on 5/5/17 4:02 PM

"Networking opportunity" can be horrifying words. To some, the two words together mean “a chance to increase my circle of friends and colleagues,” “a reason to break out the business cards,” or even “an event where I'll make a connection that will lead to something great for my career." However, if you hate networking, you might see the two together and think: "something I should probably do, but I'm terrified and I REALLY don’t want to." When networking comes around on your calendar, don’t approach it with dread. Here are some easy ways to tackle a networking event.

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5 Skills Digital Marketers Need in 2017

Posted by Briana Raday on 4/11/17 2:39 PM

Neil Patel, a leading digital marketing consultant, describes digital marketing as “any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices,” which theoretically means that digital marketing has been around for decades. Of course, the skills needed to be a successful digital marketer these days are vastly different than those required in past decades. The invention of the internet brought email and blogs, and social media became a way to distribute this new content and to engage with a company’s audience.

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4 Ways to Set Yourself Apart as a Marketer

Posted by WunderLand on 3/15/17 1:51 PM

Landing a marketing job and plugging away at it for a few years doesn’t mean you can stop adding to your knowledge base. In fact, it’s even more important to stay current on the latest tools of the trade, especially when you’re looking to advance your career. Who knows? That “next big thing” could be an industry game-changer! If you don't keep up, you might find yourself lagging behind and missing opportunities. So, how do you keep upping your skills? It’s a little thing called mid-career learning.

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Who Are You? Beginning Your Career as A Creative Professional

Posted by Molly Sutton on 1/13/17 4:09 PM

When you’re first starting out, landing a job in a creative field is no small feat. It’s a challenge expressing yourself as a creative professional, especially without a portfolio of work you’ve done for recognizable clients… well, at least not yet.  So how do you show your potential employers or clients who you are? How do you tell your story?

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Career Crossroads: Should You Work At an Agency or In-House?

Posted by Molly Sutton on 12/16/16 5:46 PM

If you’re exploring a career in marketing, there’s one key decision you need to make: do you want to work for an agency or in-house? Based on your personality and priorities, the decision to go the agency or the in-house route, can have a big impact on your job satisfaction—potentially more than even your role or position.  

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Social Media Manager: What the Job is REALLY About

Posted by Ryan Rivera on 12/1/16 9:57 AM

There is nothing like a visit home or a family holiday to make you question your career. Not so much in the introspective, existential, what am I contributing to the world sort of way, but in a nuts-and-bolts sort of way.

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Network Your Way to a Better Job

Posted by Molly Sutton on 11/16/16 3:39 PM

 “When it comes to getting a job, it’s all about who you know.” - Just About Everyone

That often repeated phrase might be a bit simplified, however knowing the right people can play a significant role in where you work next.

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Pretty or Practical? Resume Tips for Designers

Posted by Molly Sutton on 10/27/16 9:02 AM


If you’re in the creative professional field, you’re rewarded for turning something ordinary into something bold, creative, and intriguing. As a designer, you know better than anyone that everything you create is a testament to your talent. So what about your resume? Which route should you go: pretty or practical?  

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Best Outlets to Express and Inspire Your Creativity

Posted by Molly Sutton on 10/5/16 4:13 PM

Creativity is energy—powerful, beautiful, and transcending. At times we’re full of creativity and indulge freely and excitedly in its expression.  At other times our creative energy is low and we crave inspiration to get us going again.  Where do you go when your creativity ebbs and flows? 

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Career Insider: What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Posted by Amy Wunderlich on 9/6/16 6:00 AM

Over the past few years, social media jobs have evolved and grown from a nice-to-have to a must-have position in many companies. What exactly does a Social Media Manager do? The responsibilities of a Social Media Manager can vary depending on the size of a company. Some positions may require one person to handle every aspect of social media marketing where others may have specific employees handling specific segments. The most common responsibilities of a Social Media Manager are strategy creation, content writing, community management and analytics.

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