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Originally from Virginia, and recently of Chicago, I'm now back living in Montana with my husband, Dan, and labradoodle, Merle. A professional writer with a MA and MFA in poetry, I'm often found outdoors in the mountains, my garden, or taking as many photos as possible with my phone. Yes, I would like some pie.
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Tried and True Tips to Be a Low-Stress Freelancer

Posted by Anne Holub on 12/8/17 4:07 PM

Back in the days when I had just one job to think about every day, I often thought, "How would I love to be a freelancer just picking up a job here and there and doing what I want." Little did I realize, when I became a fulltime freelance writer, how wrong my preconceived notions of the freelance lifestyle would be. Not to say I don't love it (because I do), but it is very easy to let freelancing stress you out beyond belief.

Yes, you get to set your own schedule and choose your clients, but rather than show up at an office every day and have someone tell you just how to manage your time, you're running the show all yourself. If you aren't careful, you'll be stressed out, maxed out, and ready to pull your hair out. So before you go a little crazy burning the midnight oil at the coffee shop every night, here's a few tips (tried and tested) on how to be a low-stress freelancer.

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Your Portfolio Series: Create a Writing Portfolio From Scratch

Posted by Anne Holub on 11/15/17 3:54 PM

For writers, it can be overwhelming to think about creating a portfolio, but it's absolutely necessary to have a prepared set of clips to showcase your past work. Not only do freelance writers need them as a means of drumming up new clients, but new and established writers should maintain a current portfolio of writing samples as well as their resume.

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Topics: Job Hunt Tips, Career Insights

How To Build an Impressive Personal Brand Online

Posted by Anne Holub on 11/10/17 7:50 AM

Building a brand isn't just a smart idea, it's critical if you want to get hired as a designer or copywriter these days. In the age when most of what we do stays online forever, and potential employers can find you in a matter of seconds via a quick Google, it's important to not only keep control of your professional image, but use what you can to boost yourself and your career.

When you're applying for jobs, the first place potential employers will go to get a look at your work and capabilities is a quick online search and browse of your portfolio. It’s essential that you have a good, solid representation of your work accessible to recruiters and employers at all times (not just when they request it).

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Marketing and Virtual Reality: A Look At 5 Exciting Trends

Posted by Anne Holub on 11/1/17 3:02 PM

You may think of VR as something left to tech firms, but the truth is it's entering consumers' daily lives faster than you'd think. With this growth, it means virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are rapidly becoming part of the operating reality for marketers in almost every industry.

As marketers, we know we must remain agile to be relevant. We must adapt our mindsets, skillsets, and strategies to the emerging trends driving consumer behavior and digital marketing. Today, that driver is virtual reality.

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7 Professional Marketing Conferences You Should Attend (Even If You're Just Starting Out)

Posted by Anne Holub on 10/18/17 11:18 AM

Marketing conferences can be more than just a way to spend a weekend in a hotel ballroom with 800 strangers. While getting away to a gathering of industry professionals every now and again can be a good respite for body and soul, and it's a good source of free lanyards and pens, but you really shouldn't discount the benefits of a good conference to advance your career, even if you're a marketing newbie.

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Your Personal Elevator Pitch. How to Write One and Why You Need One.

Posted by Anne Holub on 9/13/17 5:12 PM


When you're job hunting, or just trying to make connections, an "elevator pitch" can be super helpful — but it's not just about finding another way to sell yourself as an employee, it can also be a great way to define your career goals. At any point in your career, you can use the act of writing an elevator pitch as a kind of "personal career statement" that sums up A: what you do B: why your skills are valuable and C: where you're headed.

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What Does a UX Designer Do? The Mysteries of User Experience Design Revealed.

Posted by Anne Holub on 8/15/17 1:08 PM

Depending on the size of your creative team, you may or may not have ever worked with a dedicated UX designer. So when it comes time to fit one into your workflow, or even to hire one for the first time, you may be a little stumped as to what to look for in their history, qualifications, and even the best way to incorporate one into your team. Here's a little breakdown to help you out.

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Your Summer Reading List

Posted by Anne Holub on 7/3/17 12:48 PM

The days are long and it’s a great time to take a break and relax on your porch with a good book and a glass of something cold. When you can't decide which book to pick up, try one of these great options. They're sorted by personality and situation to make it easy to pick one out for yourself or a friend.

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Selecting the Right Freelance Designer for Your Project

Posted by Anne Holub on 6/15/17 12:05 PM

Is your company's design not connecting? Getting nowhere, even with a rusty copy of Photoshop and a bunch of stock photography? You need a real designer…and fast! Here are some things to keep in mind when you're trying to find the right designer for your project.

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Topics: Hiring Tips

10 Agency Instagram Feeds You Should Be Following

Posted by Anne Holub on 5/17/17 4:03 PM

You may have thought that after connecting with an agency’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter account, you were done, but don’t neglect to check out a marketing agency’s Instagram feed to really get a sense of who they are. Unlike Twitter’s tendency for retweets and short blasts, or Facebook’s carefully curated content, or even LinkedIn’s strict “business only” vibe, Instagram seems to be where companies go to let their hair down. Here are some great agency feeds you should check out.

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