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Social Media Manager: What the Job is REALLY About

Posted by Ryan Rivera on 12/1/16 9:57 AM

There is nothing like a visit home or a family holiday to make you question your career. Not so much in the introspective, existential, what am I contributing to the world sort of way, but in a nuts-and-bolts sort of way.

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Get to Know Us: Kristen Storey

Posted by WunderLand on 11/23/16 11:57 AM

Kristen Storey, Managing Director, Chicago



What’s wonderful about working for WunderLand?

Working in the interesting and hot space of digital, marketing and creative – we’re often at the cutting edge of trends so getting a bird’s eye view into what organizations are doing in this space is fascinating.  And doing that with a team of committed subject matter experts who really care – care about understanding our clients and their needs.  Same is true on the talent side – ensuring we understand what are candidates are looking for both short and long-term and matching them with the right opportunities.  Having a team of WunderLanders who have that mix of technical and market knowledge who really care and maintain relationships throughout people’s careers is what sets WunderLand apart from the competition.

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Network Your Way to a Better Job

Posted by Molly Sutton on 11/16/16 3:39 PM

 “When it comes to getting a job, it’s all about who you know.” - Just About Everyone

That often repeated phrase might be a bit simplified, however knowing the right people can play a significant role in where you work next.

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WunderLand Group Names Kristen Storey as Managing Director of its Chicago Office

Posted by WunderLand on 11/4/16 10:40 AM

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - November 01, 2016) - WunderLand Group, a leading recruitment agency in digital, creative, and marketing, announced Kristen Storey recently joined their leadership team as Managing Director of their Chicago office.

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Pretty or Practical? Resume Tips for Designers

Posted by Molly Sutton on 10/27/16 9:02 AM


If you’re in the creative professional field, you’re rewarded for turning something ordinary into something bold, creative, and intriguing. As a designer, you know better than anyone that everything you create is a testament to your talent. So what about your resume? Which route should you go: pretty or practical?  

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Best Outlets to Express and Inspire Your Creativity

Posted by Molly Sutton on 10/5/16 4:13 PM

Creativity is energy—powerful, beautiful, and transcending. At times we’re full of creativity and indulge freely and excitedly in its expression.  At other times our creative energy is low and we crave inspiration to get us going again.  Where do you go when your creativity ebbs and flows? 

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Get to Know Us: Ryan Shares Why Personality Is Just as Important as Skill in Hiring

Posted by WunderLand on 9/23/16 11:08 AM

Ryan Litwin, Talent Engagement Associate, East Coast



What’s wonderful about working for WunderLand?

One word: PEOPLE. We’re in the people business and to drive a great company, you need to be surrounded by incredible personalities. When I first started at WunderLand in 2015, I was immediately struck by the unbelievable workplace culture, a tight-knit team, and a company that treats its people like, well… people. The environment WunderLand has created allows each and every one of us to do our jobs effectively, creatively, and with a smile on our faces!

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What Do Millennials Want from a Job?

Posted by Molly Sutton on 9/19/16 11:55 AM

Roughly 73 million millennials make up America’s largest population in the workforce. However, more than half of employed millennials (those born between 1980 and 1996) report they are actively looking for a new job. Job postings are abundant so what is it that they’re searching for?

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The Best Social Media Networks for Finding a Job

Posted by Amy Wunderlich on 9/12/16 5:08 PM

Over 79% of job seekers use social media to find a new job. Are you one of them? With numerous social media sites to choose from, it’s hard to decide which networks are the most beneficial for job seekers. We’re here to help. Check out the best social networks for your job search below.


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Career Insider: What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Posted by Amy Wunderlich on 9/6/16 6:00 AM

Over the past few years, social media jobs have evolved and grown from a nice-to-have to a must-have position in many companies. What exactly does a Social Media Manager do? The responsibilities of a Social Media Manager can vary depending on the size of a company. Some positions may require one person to handle every aspect of social media marketing where others may have specific employees handling specific segments. The most common responsibilities of a Social Media Manager are strategy creation, content writing, community management and analytics.

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