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Automation Intelligence (AI) is on the rise, working its way into businesses at every level, and that includes the food and beverage industry. So, what can companies in the food and beverage space do with AI to improve business and marketing functions?

Market research
Any new product, consumable or not, starts with a void in that product space that consumers are asking to be filled. Instead of traditional market research methods that can be unreliable and cost time and money, AI is able to farm data in almost an instant, gathering information from every corner of the internet where people are talking about a brand and what they want from that brand. 

Creating a formula for a new product used to mean literally standing in a test kitchen or a lab, tweaking ratios and ingredients until everything was just right. With AI, recipes and formulations can be mined from similar products to cut out the first few steps of formulations leaving more time for tweaking a recipe to perfection.

Supply chain management 
AI brings a whole new level of real-time tracking to products traveling to their final destination. This doesn’t just help with customer service, but it helps on a larger level with recalls, maintaining the temperature of products in travel and more.

Shelf management
Ever pick an item up off the shelf at the grocery store just to realize it’s expired? AI can fix that. AI can help brick and mortar stores manage expiration dates more efficiently to help avoid the loss that comes with expired goods.

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