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There is one part of marketing that is increasingly important but ever so hard: making yourself stand out among the countless of other professionals in your industry. While resume building is key, there are many other ways to put your best foot forward. Here are some key tactics to set yourself apart.

Be social savvy.
This might be the strongest and easiest way to show your skills, share your expertise and merchandise your successes: lean into your social channels. Are you particularly good at video creation? Share videos you like, you’ve created, or you find inspirational. Are you a writer? Start a blog and share it via your channels or write op-eds on LinkedIn.

Ask for feedback and share the positive. Enlist your coworkers or past colleagues to share their recommendation or experiences working with you on your LinkedIn page. Don’t just ask your leaders, but share feedback from those you manage, as well. If you’re just starting out, ask a professor or teacher.

Find your niche and lean into it. Find what it is you’re best at – writing, managing, photography… and highlight that skill. It doesn’t have to paint you into a corner but can be an element that sets you apart. Don’t neglect your other skills. Be sure to highlight your range – just showcase your differentiator!

Make a digital hub. This doesn’t have to be a blog or website. Maybe your hub is your Instagram or TikTok page. Just find one place that houses everything you want to share, but professional enough that you can send a link to potential employers or quickly show someone you meet at a networking event. Make it professional, visually appealing and a highlight reel.

Help others. The more people you help, the more people will want to help you. Remain professional and lend your hand to your peers or coworkers whenever they ask. Give your opinions on how they can improve their own self-marketing tools, write the recommendation and extend your network to them. These simple and easy things can make all the difference when it’s time to pay it forward.

In summary, use your skills, industry knowledge, network and lessons learned to market yourself just as much as you market others!