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content2-1024x1024Search for the word “content” in the WunderLand job listings and you’ll find several jobs. They range from Proposal Writer to UX Researcher, from Front End Web Developer to Email Marketing Coordinator, from Content Strategist to Content Editor.

What does that tell you?

First, “content” can mean a lot of things in a lot of different situations. And second, whatever “content” means to your business, it’s probably pretty important.

That’s why you just might need a content strategist—even if you never heard of one.

What's a Content Strategist?*

First of all, let’s define content. We’re essentially talking about anything associated with your company that people can read, watch, listen to, download, share, upload, copy or otherwise experience in some way, shape or form.

If you do business in 2014, you generate content, even if it’s just a static website or an occasional Facebook post.

But you’re probably more sophisticated than that. Your company may practice content marketing—sharing blog posts, videos, infographics and such to capture your audience’s attention and draw them to your website. Hopefully there’s some strategy behind your efforts.

That’s where a content strategist comes in. He or she oversees the big picture, so the content you create and distribute makes the biggest, most positive impact.

Do You Need One?

There’s no question that you need a content strategy, just like you need strategies for product development and financial planning. But do you need someone dedicated to it 24/7?

It really depends on the size of your company, and the scope of your content.

  • If you’re a smallish operation, where one or two people create the bulk of the content and manage your social media, content strategy is probably a group responsibility. You’re all content strategists—you just didn’t know it.
  • If your company’s big enough to have an actual marketing department, your CMO should have a strong grasp of content strategy. If not, you need someone who does.
  • And if you’re a marking agency with clients across different disciplines, you absolutely need a content strategist—someone who understands all the tactics available, and knows how to deploy them strategically against any target demographic.

How Do You Hire One?

You may already have one!

She may be the marketing executive who’s overseen successful campaigns in both digital and traditional media. He might be the writer who’s turned your blog into a traffic-driving juggernaut. Either one will know Google Analytics backward and forward, with a deep knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of every social media platform.

But if you can’t promote from within, you’re probably looking for someone with some or all of these qualifications:

  • A track record of creating standout content
  • At least three years of digital marketing experience
  • Hands-on experience in e-commerce
  • Project management experience
  • A knack for creative, unexpected ideas

Of course, it just so happens that you’ll find dozens of people with those skills and experiences at a staffing agency like WunderLand. If you need a content strategist, you know who to call!


*The Content Strategy Alliance defines content strategy as "Getting the right content to the right user at the right time through strategic planning of content creation, delivery, and governance." In other words, content strategy is a strategy to effectively deliver content. Very helpful. ;-)