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In the past decade, digital has quickly climbed its way to the top of marketing efforts. It’s effective, innovative and has streamlining capabilities. Technology has given marketers access to a world of opportunities, allowing them to quickly turn projects around for clients.

However, we can’t forget what really got the motor moving in the first place – traditional marketing. Without its foundation and core, digital marketing wouldn’t be what it is today – and that’s why traditional efforts are often incorporated into new strategies.

Dimensional Mail

Dimensional mail has made a quick impact on the direct mail business by leveraging a new, innovative method to put a spin on an old tactic. Essentially, it provides consumers with a piece of mail that is three-dimensional or contains a branded product at no cost to the consumer. Utilizing humor to capture an emotional connection can help get the consumer to interact with the mail piece, ultimately resulting in a stronger impression with the business.

Brand Exposure

A majority of companies’ marketing efforts are directed towards digital – whether organic or paid –typically through Google or social platforms that can span a wide reach. But, there’s nothing more inviting and meaningful than a product that is tailored to specific consumers – especially something tangible and branded.

Consumers love free things, and our world could use a little more face-to-face interaction. That’s why a recent trend has come back: physically promoting a product. For example, a company could easily hand out branded umbrellas on a rainy day when people need that product the most. By using that umbrella, anyone they walk by will automatically be exposed to a company’s brand name; even if they’re not the target market, the name will stick with them and eventually make its way around. However, since this is more of a grassroots campaign, it’s hard to calculate specific ROI.

Reinventing the Billboard

Billboards are a staple across highways, and they’ve been a staple in advertising since their inception. However, consumers are increasingly seeking new types of advertising to digest.

Marketers have been leveraging a slightly different tactic: hiring artists to paint sides of buildings in big cities to attract consumer interest. While this might sound like a more archaic version of billboards (which it is), it’s new to modern-day consumers.

For example, a couple years ago, Snickers created a Super Bowl campaign where they painted Marcia Brady’s face on a building and then transformed it over the course of two weeks into Mexican action star, Danny Trejo. The hashtag #WhatsUpWithMarcia began to trend on social media, gaining traction before the Super Bowl ad even aired.

Digital will continue to remain at the forefront – at least for now – when it comes to most time-efficient and costly advertising, but for the more creative bunch, traditional advertising will always peek its head into worthy campaigns.

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