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To get noticed in today's overcrowded job market, you have to stand out. You are one of millions fervently working toward employment with a solid organization. It's imperative to capture the hiring manager's attention and show why you have an edge over the competition.

Looking for Leaders.
Leaders stand out. Some people are natural born leaders, others have to work at it. Here are six leadership tips.

♦ Learn to lead yourself so you will be equipped to lead others.
♦ Keep your skills sharp through seminars, leadership training and continued education.
♦ Stay up-to-date in your field by attending conventions, joining an organization and keeping on top of the competition.
♦ Network in your industry.
♦ Make sure you have excellent communication skills; verbal, written, online and on the platform.
♦ Recognize your strengths, identify your niche and target.

Resume Representation.
Your resume informs the hiring manager of what you are capable of doing on the job. Once that piece of paper is in his hands, you have approximately 30 seconds to get his attention and keep it. Take a look at these tips.

♦ Keep your format simple and readable. Use Times New Roman or Arial with a 10 to 12 point size. If you are applying for a position like a graphic designer, you may want to showcase your creative side and design a resume (but only use a plain text resume when applying to a job online).
♦ List your most relevant skills and experience at the top.
♦ Your resume shows your personality. You can be professional and personable at the same time. You don’t need to write in it a formal, business-like tone.
♦ Limit your resume to one page (two if you have more than 5 years’ experience). Check for typos or grammatical errors and make sure all your information is up-to-date. Do NOT rely on spell-checkers to find your errors.

Cover Letter.
A cover letter could work in your favor or get your application tossed in the trash. Check out these tips.

♦ The hiring manager has your resume; don't waste his time rehashing it in the cover letter. Instead, show your interest in the field you are applying for.
♦ Address the recipient by his or her name, but if you can't find out who that is, skip the generic route and go right into body of the letter.
♦ Do not start off with "My name is______, and I am applying for _________."
♦ Avoid wordy explanations and get right to the point. In three paragraphs, explain why and how your experience will be beneficial to the company should you be hired for this job.
♦ Send the cover letter in a PDF form or a Microsoft Word document.

Sell Yourself

Everyone has been a salesperson at some point in their lives. Perfect example, at a job interview. Your meeting with the hiring manager is your sales presentation. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

♦ Stating your experience isn't enough. Let the hiring manager know how having you on the team will be beneficial to the whole organization.
♦ Think of a job opening as the company's way of saying they have a problem. Use examples from your experience to show why you are the solution.
♦ Body language speaks volumes so sit up straight, maintain eye contact and don't forget to smile once in a while.
♦ Your resume should be filled with talking points you can use to tell a story that demonstrates what you are capable of on the job.
♦ The assumption is if you don't show any interest or passion in the interview, chances are you won't show it on the job.


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