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How do you know if your dream job is really your dream job? Internships are an excellent way to gain first-hand experience and insight into the day-to-day happenings of someone in your dream job or company.

Internships are more than just fetching coffee for the office crew and it may seem beyond dull to spend your days hanging out in an office, but some companies craft their internship programs around giving interns opportunities to learn and grow in the industry. By investing in interns, companies are investing in future employees. After all, what better way to vet a candidate than seeing how he or she reacts and responds in real-life work situations?

If you approach your internship experience with this mindset, you’ll find that the pros of having an internship outweigh the cons.



Gain First-Hand Experience

Internships give you an insider’s view to your “dream job” while helping you learn more about the industry, and you’ll become familiar with how general businesses operate. Some internships will have you working side-by-side with an employee and actively working on a project. Other internships will have you shadow various employees as a benefit to you so you can get an idea of the different roles in the industry.

Variety of Work

You may be assigned to help out on a few projects, which will allow you to gain experience and insight into the job(s) you think you’re interested in. Even if the work seems menial, it’s actually a great way to gain insight into what the day-to-day is actually like!

Make Connections

It’s never too early to start building your professional network. Make an effort to connect: your new colleagues and fellow interns aren’t just people you work with today; they are great connections for your career tomorrow! Connect with these associates on LinkedIn before your internship is over and while the work that you do is still relevant in their minds.

Possible Job Opportunity

Some internships are set up as a way to screen potential recruits. Others have a job opening that interns compete for. Or, if you’re lucky and have proven to be an outstanding potential employee, the company may create a position so it can keep you on the team.

Build Your Resume and Portfolio

Internships are great resume and portfolio builders. Keep track of your duties and accomplishments and add them to your resume and LinkedIn profile. If you work on any designs or campaigns during your internship, ask your employer if you can include these in your portfolio.


Getting a paycheck or stipend for your work is definitely a plus. Not all internships are paid, though. The experience that you obtain in a professional setting lends greatly to your resume and professional experience.




Be aware that some companies’ internships are unpaid, which means you have to plan your living expenditures accordingly. If you’re able to financially swing an unpaid internship, you can shift your outlook to be on the professional experience you’ll be obtaining.

Menial Work

Internships are all of what you make it. Assigned fetching coffee? Do it with a smile and make connections. Be on time and ready to go. This is your first chance to start building your professional reputation.

It’s plain to see that the pros of having an internship outweigh the cons, and with the right outlook, you can turn the cons of an internship into positive experiences. Find the right internship program for you by checking out your college’s career resource center, job boards, company websites, or ask your professors, parents, family, and friends if they’ve heard of any internships available. Be an active part in building the start of your professional growth and development!


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