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creativityLet’s face it, not everyone is naturally creative and original; it may take practice. It is possible to hone your creativity and have it work for you within the workplace.

Everyone has days where you feel motionless, energy gone, ideas depleted but if you learn how to recharge your creative battery, these days can be kept to a minimum and your work will show a steady stream of innovative ideas and plans. In order to get your creative juices flowing, consider these 5 ideas:

  1. Choose something out of the ordinary.
    No, not like changing your coffee flavor in the morning but something really different. Maybe go to a new restaurant, out of your usual food comfort zone or meet up with old friends. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try something like bungee jumping or skydiving.
  2. Read a good book.
    If you aren’t sure which book to read, pick one off of a bestsellers list and just start reading. Even if you decide halfway through the book, it’s not for you, more than likely your brain is telling you the types of books you feel like reading now. Whenever you are able to read and see how others write, tales they tell, and even words they use, it will begin to stimulate you and your creative abilities.
  3. Exercise.
    It’s a proven, scientific fact that exercise increases endorphins and that, in turns opens the blood vessels. Once your head is clear, your ability to imagine and create is increased. Take a quick walk, take the stairs up to your office or apartment a couple times and see how you feel with your heart pumping and full circulation throughout your body.
  4. Do anything.
    If you’re stuck on a blog or writing piece, just start typing on a blank page or even write by hand. If you need to come up with a new marketing idea, start creating something and scrap it later but don’t just sit and stare at the computer screen. This is a way to loosen up your brain similar to a runner before they run, who stretches to stay flexible.
  5. Enjoy your passion.
    Don’t say you don’t have a passion because everyone has one. It may be music, dancing, food, foreign films, or even hiking on a new trail; whatever it is, do it. Leave the cellphone on off and stowed so you aren’t tempted to be distracted by media. Take the time to be present in the activity.

Just because you are feeling lifeless and as though your creativity is permanently on vacation, it is still there; it just needs some encouragement to emerge. Maybe you’ve had a lot of stress and pressing issues so your creativity was pushed out of the way for the time being or you’re feeling burned out. Try one or all of these 5 ideas and see where your creativity can take you. Everyone wants to give 100% at work but be sure to recharge your own battery as necessary to fully contribute to your team.