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February 19, 2014

Career Insights: Web Designer


From a new web product or web site to a digital marketing campaign, a designer is an integral part of most businesses. This in-demand job can provide lasting stability for the right person and the potential for salary growth as your skills improve and your portfolio grows. When a successful marketing campaign or product is launched with your personal touch you'll be proud.

Tech Jobs on the Rise
It’s a well-realized fact that tech jobs are on the rise and continues to be one of the fastest growing industries, and this includes web design. Not many artists are able to earn enough to create a steady income, but in the field of visual design, artists can work in the medium of their choice and be a part of the technological side of the arts. Because this field will always be necessary, landing a job as a web designer could be the best decision you will ever make for your future and your career.

Necessary Qualifications for this Job Field
If you’re new to the job market or making a move to a new career path, the title of visual web designer may be unclear to you. Here are some of the requirements you will see for this job in any area of the country and with almost any company:

- Degree in visual arts or similar
- Conceptual thinking and reasoning skills
- Deep knowledge of relevant industry tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS
- A solid understanding of web site functionality, user experience, site architecture, user interfaces, and navigation
- The ability to work both independently and with a team

Of course every company will have their own specifications and requirements for the job, but with the basics covered, you can always start at an entry level and work your way to the top. A benefit of working with other designers in a company or agency setting is that you will be able to grow and learn from their designs and skills. If you’re lucky, the work you produce will be beneficial to the human experience and can leave a mark on society in a positive way through your creative abilities.


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