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The marketing function is undergoing a bit of a revolution these days. Data, coupled with technology, has changed, well, everything. It’s changed the way prospective customers identify their needs and find and educate themselves on potential solutions. For marketers, data has changed the tactics businesses use to identify and reach prospects as well as how they engage with customers to drive repeat business and deeper relationships.

All of this adds up to a marketing organization that is more aligned to sales, given the importance of brand awareness early on and throughout sales situations. Marketing must also be more tightly aligned to larger company objectives, as data and technology have made it possible for marketing to be much more targeted and drive specific business goals.

So, how has this new reality changed the way businesses engage marketing talent? Quite a bit. Today’s marketers must know how to not only operate within a digital marketing environment, but also understand how technology will continue to change the marketing function into the future. That’s certainly a departure from the typical skillset of a traditional marketer, who relied more on instinct and creativity to build brands. 

Finding that talent isn’t easy. The BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS predicts job growth rate in this function to increase by 9% by 2024 - faster than average with over 20,000 NEW jobs. But that doesn't mean we'll have the talent to fill these roles. According to the DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTE, even marketers themselves don't feel prepared for this shift, with 69% stating they need to improve digital marketing skills to remain competent in the future.

Four Truths to Landing Great Marketers

Recruiting marketing talent in today’s competitive environment is especially tricky.

Top candidates are pickier than ever. The reason? Well, it’s a supply and demand issue. More and more candidates aren’t unemployed – they’re just simply open to a better opportunity. With choosy candidates, companies need to double down on the candidate experience. That means ensuring their interactions with all candidates are thoughtful and positive. Marketers can see through false advertising – they’ll be looking to see your company’s genuine culture. 

Bottom line: focus on the candidate experience and keep communication lines open.

The ideal candidate doesn’t exist. Many digital marketing positions are brand new, which means that the requirements for some roles may not yet be well defined. Holding out for the perfect fit on paper stretches out the search process indefinitely. Top contenders should possess your 3-5 non-negotiable skills for the role, as well as the soft skills necessary to ensure their success. That might include having a growth mindset, being proactive and being willing to learn new skills. 

Bottom line: separate your must-have’s from your nice-to-have’s.

Your interview process < a candidate’s time. The clock is ticking. In-demand candidates have a shorter attention span than those fighting for roles. To win them over, companies need to have a very streamlined interview process in place. Here’s our top three list: (1) Try to limit candidates to no more than two in-person interviews, (2) if it’s important to meet with multiple people, stack interviews back-to-back to limit interruption to a candidate’s day and (3) keep the process moving quickly, including your deliberation over whether to make an offer. 

Bottom line: internal hiring processes must be efficient to be effective.

Cultural fit matters. Marketing is a team sport, so to speak. Assessing hard skills is important, yes, but so is cultural fit. Top candidates should be evaluated on everything they bring to the table, which includes how well their skills and personality complement other marketing team members. A great team dynamic is critical to marketing’s overall success. 

Bottom line: don’t underestimate fit.

There’s no denying the importance of having the right marketing team. With a shortage of data-driven marketers available, companies need to ensure they put their best foot forward to secure the right talent.

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