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As we say goodbye to summer, pass the back to school stress and begin to get into our new realities with many offices opening or moving to hybrid schedules, it’s time to hit the reset on routines and implement new techniques to maintain or increase productivity.

It can always be hard to start new habits, maintain old habits or change our day to day lives. However, there are some easy ways to increase productivity without disrupting too much of your life. Check out these tips below:

1. Do the Most Daunting Task First
Getting yourself to start something can be the hardest part of a task. Help curb this by using your focused morning hours to knock-out the most daunting tasks on your to-do list. The best way to start this is to pick one hard task a day, followed by smaller, easier tasks.

By knocking out the harder task first, you will not only set the tone for your day but will give yourself a sense of accomplishment first thing. Typically, this is a feeling you’ll want to repeat!

2. Manage Your Time – AND – Your Energy
I’m sure you’ve long heard to make a to-do list, whether on paper, your phone or calendar. And while time management is extremely important for success, energy management can be just as crucial.

Take notice of what times during the day you feel most energized and productive and use this time for your more focus-driven work.

Feeling a bit drowsy one-day? Skip the caffeine overdose to push yourself, which might contribute to burn-out, and instead take a break. Go for a walk, call a friend or simply do something creative. Giving yourself the freedom to turn-off momentarily can help jump-start energy and reinvigorate you faster and better than chugging the coffee.

3. Make Decisions Ahead of Time
Plan your schedule a week in advance. Carving out time to create your to-do list will payoff in the long-run. Not only will you know exactly what your plan of attack is each day, it will also allow you to limit your decision making. This can be an energy saver, help limit stress and allow you to only focus on major decisions, like what to do when an unexpected issue inevitably arises.

4. Don’t Multi-Task and Create Smaller Goals
Are you finding yourself on a Zoom call just passively “listening” while really answering emails or editing a social media calendar? Try to stop yourself. Focus on the present. This exercise will help you absorb more information, which in turn can you help you work faster and more efficiently. It also allows you to connect better with your coworkers – something more important than ever before!

5. Reward Yourself
Take the time to relish in your accomplishments. If you find yourself crossing off your last to-do item earlier than anticipated, allow yourself to take the extra time and focus it back on yourself. Being more productive should be rewarded with the gift of time. Enjoy it – spend it with your family, at your favorite yoga class or catching an extra episode of your binge-worthy show.