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Fine-tuning the hiring process, at most companies, is an ongoing venture. Employers spend time and money on studying what works and what doesn’t when it comes to improving the quality of hire and finding the perfect match. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid costly bad hires.  What are some ways to do so? These are some of our hiring tips and best practices for improving your quality of hire:

  1. Hire for culture fit

Hire for culture, train for skill. A cohesive team that works together seamlessly is not only more productive, but it also is a component of a highly engaged workforce. When people work with like-minded individuals – people who share the same values and characteristics – they’re more apt to get along and work together toward achieving company goals.

  1. Tap into your employees’ networks

According to a study from JobVite, 46 percent of referred hires stayed on the job for at least one year, which is more than the 33 percent of people hired through career sites and 22 percent hired through job boards. Moreover, 65 percent of referred employees were very satisfied with job fit or their ability to fulfill the job requirements. Bonus – with an employee referral program, you can reach passive candidates that you may not have otherwise discovered.

  1. Ask the right questions

Asking the right questions can help you avoid a costly bad hire. Using behavioral interview questions can give you an idea of the candidate’s future performance based on past performance. Also, prep the hiring managers before interviews to make sure they are asking questions that will help them accurately assess candidates.

  1. Make your company culture known

Remember, the hiring process is also about prospective candidates deciding if your company is a good fit for them. By conveying your company culture, mission, and values through your website, social media outlets and in marketing, you are not only filtering out job seekers who know they won’t fit in, but you are also attracting job seekers whose values align with your company’s.

  1. Make sure your job postings stand out

Job seekers spend 20-30 seconds looking at a job description. To catch the right candidates, your job postings must stand out. Some tips on how to do so:

  • Include expectations up front.
  • Be transparent in the job description. Include potential turn-offs.
  • Be realistic when communicating your company culture. Don’t exaggerate, or worse, lie, about what it’s like to work at your company.
  1. Allow enough time

Rushing to fill a job opening is not an ideal position to be in. According to Glassdoor, the hiring process is getting longer, with the average interview process taking 22.9 days. Account for all aspects of your employer’s policies when planning. Group panel interviews, which involve coordinating many schedules; candidate presentations, skills tests and other screening steps can have a large impact on your time-to-hire metrics. Giving yourself enough time to vet candidates brings you a step closer to finding the perfect fit and not settling for one that’s not quite right.


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