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September 07, 2011


If you're a visual person like me, infographics are a great way to understand data. This infographic from is particularly telling, although I can't assess the veracity of the information.

It's too simplistic to say, "stop letting U.S. companies hire workers outside the country" because being in business means competing, and it's a global workplace today. If the U.S. just stopped this practice, two things would immediately happen: Jobs would go unfilled (in certain technology areas the U.S. just doesn't have enough skilled workers), and some companies would go out of business because they could no longer compete in a global economy where cheap labor means keeping the cost of the product low. Yet far too many Americans are struggling without a job or with being underemployed, while big business owners get richer and richer by using cheap overseas labor that improves their profitability.

So what's the answer? I certainly know what it is, and if YOU do, perhaps you should be working for the U.S. government!

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Where in the World are American Jobs? [INFOGRAPHIC] |
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