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Recently, WunderLand, CIDD and General Assembly worked together to put on a great presentation called The Intersection of Design & Technology, held at 1871 in Chicago. Below is a video of the entire panel discussion in case you missed it! 

Experienced designers and developers (from Threadless, Basecamp, Belly and more) talked about the importance of skilling up across disciplines, opportunities for cross-functional collaboration and how one can best improve their individual value, product and company productivity. These industry experts spoke to this hot-button issue, trends and how to improve your design and development functions when you have to hire efficiently.

Developers, you might not want to dedicate time to becoming a pro designer, but you should probably understand the fundamentals, be able to spot good UX from bad UX, and have the tools to create better experiences and build products that people love to use. 

Designers, you've probably been hearing that it's time you learnt how to code. Coding allows you to solve problems, understand what's possible when designing user interfaces, and no longer be at the mercy of the dev team for every tweak. But how do you get there when there's not enough time in the day?


Watch the video:



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