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Marketing is about people, colors, unique fonts, and trade shows, right? Most people don’t think of marketing as involving anything small-business-internet-marketing-analysis-300x225with numbers or the need to have an analytical mind but there is more to the marketing field than just fun. Without results, marketing isn’t effective and seems pointless, so how will a company know if the campaigns they are launching are bringing in the desired results? The online marketing analyst will be responsible for sharing the information with the team and the company heads.

Not as Boring as it Sounds
For someone who loves marketing and the liveliness of the job, the thought of analyzing anything can be less than desirable. In fact, these types of people tend to hand off the numbers and accounting to those who specialize in this field, but there can be disconnect from the marketing to the results when this happens. The number-crunchers won’t understand the requirements for marketing but a marketing analyst can digest the results and know what is relevant and what isn’t. Not all marketing results are in the form of charts and numbers; sometimes it can be a group study result, research, and even graphics to show the benefits of the marketing being performed. The right candidate for the position of an online marketing analyst will be someone with a head for numbers and the social skills to work with the marketing teams.

Importance of Getting Results

The best marketing campaign may not hit the audience at the right time and may not be received well. In spite of all the work done, it needs to be scrapped and the process restarted. It can be discouraging but without the marketing analyst, your company could be pushing a campaign that isn’t effective and won’t work. When the ineffective marketing is allowed to run, it can destroy the company’s reputation and profits within months. For this reason, a marketing analyst is crucial to the company’s successful output.

The Role of Online Marketing Analyst

With a salary range in the high $60s to low $90s, this position creates a sizable living for those in the field. Over a 10-year period, the role has increased by almost 50% as more companies are realizing the need for perfect marketing campaigns. Gone are the days in marketing where promotions are put on the back burner as companies in the Internet age have to implement marketing to their fullest capabilities. There are many risks for poorly run marketing campaigns and within months a business can lose money and customers. The online marketing analyst will be the one to help keep the marketing on track.


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