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Dear College Graduates,

As I scroll through Facebook and see pictures of old friends and acquaintances in their caps and gowns, I’m reminded that it is that time of year again - graduation. Within the past few weeks my inbox has been inundated with applications from recent college grads applying to WunderLand Group, which inspired me to write this post. To help get you started with you job search, I’ve put together the following list of best practices and tips to help you along the way.

  1. Carefully edit your resume. First things first, delete the generic objective from your resume. If you are applying to a job, we know you are interested, so there is no need to reiterate. Second, edit your resume and cover letter for each job that you apply to. Add keywords from the job description and be sure to add the correct job title and company name. I have received applications with the wrong job title and company and guess what - I’m moving onto the next candidate! Finally, organize your work experience by professional/relevant experience and other experience. For example, internships would fall under Professional Experience whereas waiting tables or bartending would fall under the Other Experience.
  1. Be open to ALL opportunities. It is important to keep an open mind on the path to your dream job. If you don’t have any professional work experience, start looking at internships. An internship could get you noticed by a Hiring Manager. Consider both permanent/salaried and contract positions. Most of the contract roles we offer at WunderLand are full time (40 hours/week) with access to health benefits. Contracting is a great way to gain experience with reputable brands while you continue your job search!
  1. Job searching is a full-time gig. If you’re unemployed, you should treat your job search like a full-time position; time-block and plan ahead. Set aside time daily to search, fill out applications, network and respond to emails. Be disciplined, organized and diligent. Persistence and follow through are key! In addition to specific company websites, check out job boards such as Indeed , mediabistro, and the WunderLand website.
  1. Develop an online presence. If you haven't done so already, sign up for a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is home to over 90 million professionals and it is a great tool to network, conduct research, search for jobs, and to connect with recruiters (like me!), classmates & colleagues. It’s also a great place to brand yourself by filling out a complete profile and sharing industry information. If you are a creative writer, designer, social media specialist etc. it is also important to have an online portfolio. Recruiters not only use LinkedIn to search for candidates, but online portfolio sites as well.  
  1. Do your research and show your passion. Whoohoo! You got the interview after following steps 1-4. Now it’s time to prepare for the big day. You want to be knowledgeable about the company and demonstrate your excitement for the available opportunity. Make sure to conduct thorough research on the company you’ll be interviewing with. is a great resource to learn more about companies and read reviews. Finally, when you’re sitting in the hot seat speaking with the hiring manager, sound enthusiastic about the role and the company. Hiring managers are looking for passionate, confident candidates who can add value.

It may be a bumpy road to your dream job, but you can do it! WunderLand is here to help. Take the next step in your journey and register with us today!

Best of luck to you,