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Ryan Rivera is a marketing and communications professional who focuses on on talent acquisition, talent management, marketing, and technology topics. He currently works as a Digital Marketing Manager at Advanced Group, a top national staffing firm. Advanced Group is: Avanced Clinical, Advanced Resources, Advanced RPO, and WunderLand Group. Prior to joining Advanced, Ryan was a Digital and Social Marketing Specialist at SilkRoad, a Human Resources Software Company. Ryan has an MA with Distinction in Public Relations and Advertising from DePaul University (’13). He also holds a Certificate in Meeting and Event Management from the University of Massachusetts, Isenberg School of Management and a BA in Theater from Kalamazoo College (’01).
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Hiring Process Check Up [Infographic]

Posted by Ryan Rivera on 8/29/17 4:28 PM

People are the building blocks of a successful company. A thriving organization and a healthy bottom line require a team aligned to delivering for your clients. No matter what field you're in, getting the right talent in place is essential. But is the process you use to do that helping or hurting your efforts? 

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Topics: Hiring Tips

9 Ways to Reignite Your Creative Career

Posted by Ryan Rivera on 6/4/17 5:53 PM

There are days when I get to the office and I am ready to tackle every project, answer every email, and greet every colleague with a smile and an enthusiastic wave. Then there are those days that are, well, not so much. Starting a project is daunting, each email seems to spawn seven more, and I'd much rather hide under my desk than interact with an overly caffeinated co-worker. I think we've all had those days, which in itself isn't alarming. It is when those days turn into weeks, or even months, that can be troubling and is often an indication of burnout.

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Topics: Career Insights

Social Media Manager: What the Job is REALLY About

Posted by Ryan Rivera on 12/1/16 9:57 AM

There is nothing like a visit home or a family holiday to make you question your career. Not so much in the introspective, existential, what am I contributing to the world sort of way, but in a nuts-and-bolts sort of way.

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Topics: Interview Tips, Career Insights

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