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March 09, 2017

Get to Know Us: Sharon Potsch



Sharon Potsch, Talent Engagement Director, Chicago



What’s wonderful about working for WünderLand?

Our team is everything here at WunderLand—we are such a spirited, tight knit group that it makes all the difference in such a fast-paced, demanding industry.

What do you enjoy about recruiting?

I often say that recruiting isn’t my job, it’s my vocation. The greatest career opportunity for me has been the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives. My two girls see me making an impact and helping people and that is really important to me. My goal on every call with candidates is to help them feel lifted and engaged and happier than they were before we connected!

What is your take on the current digital, creative and marketing business landscape? 

We are so fortunate to be a part of an ever changing, dynamic industry. There are always new ways of doing things, new technology that is outpacing last week’s Blue Sky…with life being so busy it can difficult to stay On Trend but belonging to a Meet Up or digital channel that speaks to you and your industry is a great way to keep up with our ever changing landscape. 

What about the digital, creative and marketing job market?

Competition for opportunities is the fiercest that I’ve ever seen it in 15 years of recruiting. Candidates need to carefully ensure they are sending the right, on brand message about themselves at every turn. There is little room for error. Perseverance and patience are also hallmarks of searches—candidates are finding a competitive, challenging job market that results in longer than anticipated job searches if they find themselves seeking opportunities.

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What advice do you have for anyone who is looking for a new job?

Stay positive and control what you can control. Job searches are emotionally exhausting. Candidates send resumes and they disappear into “black holes” or the abyss. It can be easy to feel powerless but figure out what you can control of the process. Is it doing research to find places that would be lucky to have you? Is it taking the initiative to do some guest writing for a company that could help you be recognized as an industry leader? Think of a couple of ways to shake up a search, contact a good recruiter (try WunderLand!), and stay focused. 

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Why should a client want to work with WünderLand?

When you align with WunderLand whether you are a client or a candidate, you have a team of folks behind you. We share candidate ideas for opportunities and don’t limit ourselves to our personal network. That provides more opportunities both from a candidate and client standpoint.

Life is crazy. What keeps you sane? How do you recharge?

I recently started to practice the art of meditation. My young girls love seeing me learn “Medication” as our four year old says and it’s great for them to see their mom learning a holistic practice of spiritual healing and comfort. My husband is extremely supportive and I can’t thank him enough for helping me continue forward in my career balancing life and two children. He’s a leader in the mobile and UX space so it’s great to learn from him about innovations in our community right from him!

If you had no fear and unlimited resources, what would you do with your life?

Cars are a huge passion of mine, in particular [fixer upper] BMWs. I absolutely am driven to drive. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to crank some Beck or Miike Snow, kick back the sunroof, and take off on a semi-open road (which is hard to find...)  My life goal is to take off with my husband in a 2-seater Porsche driving across Route 66 to see America’s backroads. For now, I am perfectly content helping people better their careers and working on our historic home with our two beautiful girls!

Lastly, any quotes, mantras or inspiration for our readers?

I really want to say thank you for all the trust that my network has put in me over these many years of creative staffing—I really feel so fortunate to help people and companies find the right match. I never take any job seeker’s or client’s trust for granted. So thank you to you all for sticking with me all these years!

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