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September 23, 2016

Get to Know Us: Ryan Shares Why Personality Is Just as Important as Skill in Hiring


Ryan Litwin, Talent Engagement Associate, East Coast



What’s wonderful about working for WunderLand?

One word: PEOPLE. We’re in the people business and to drive a great company, you need to be surrounded by incredible personalities. When I first started at WunderLand in 2015, I was immediately struck by the unbelievable workplace culture, a tight-knit team, and a company that treats its people like, well… people. The environment WunderLand has created allows each and every one of us to do our jobs effectively, creatively, and with a smile on our faces!


What do you enjoy about recruiting?

When I first stepped into WunderLand’s East Coast office, I had never recruited before. I had no idea what to expect or think or say. Now that I understand our company and the clients and talent we work with, I can confidently say that my favorite thing about recruiting is learning about and really understanding who our talent are, not just what they do. Taking the time to learn about someone’s personality, their interests, career goals and even their sense of humor goes such a long way in making the best matches for our talent and clients.


What’s your take on the current creative, marketing and digital job market and business landscape?

As our world becomes more and more digitally and creatively independent, companies need to adapt by hiring the brightest creative, marketing, and digital minds to innovate and shape the future. At WunderLand we understand the competitive nature of the business landscape. Our goal is simple. We’re going to use our connections, expertise and knowledge to take the stress out of your job search. There’s no shortage of jobs! It’s not a matter of “if” you find the perfect fit, it’s a matter of “when” and “when” may come sooner than you think.


What advice do you have for anyone who is looking for a new job?

Keep at it! Persistence is key when searching for a job and that doesn’t mean just applying to anything that comes up in a keyword search. When you’re looking for a new job, career path, or project, make sure to spend time deciding exactly what’s on your “must have” list versus your “nice to have” list and tailor your search to those skills/responsibilities/companies. If you’re unsure, you can always give us a call to help you figure it out!


Why should a candidate want to work with WunderLand?

We care. And I mean REALLY CARE about our talent here at WunderLand. We take pride in being a people-centric company and that doesn’t stop at our own people. Coast-to-coast, every recruiter at WunderLand will take the time to speak with you to make sure we completely understand what you’re looking for in something new. Our working relationships don’t stop when we place you in a job. We consistently check in to make sure things are going well, we offer best-in-class benefits to W2 contractors, and you’ll even receive a special delivery from us straight to your desk during your first few weeks of work!


Life is crazy. What keeps you sane? How do you recharge?

Sure is! Since I was young, I’ve always had sports in my life and they’ve shaped me into who I am today. Being able to disconnect from real-world stress to watch a game or even play some tennis, hockey or a round of golf helps me recharge. It’s so important to take advantage of “out of the office” interests when possible in order to keep sane.


If you had no fear and unlimited resources, what would you do with your life?

I would absolutely own one of my favorite sports franchises (Mets, Jets, NY Rangers). I’d play plenty of golf, and I would attempt to write and perform stand-up comedy. I absolutely love stand-up and would love to be able to turn a room of faces into “crying-laughing emojis.” 😂 😂


Lastly, any quotes, mantras or inspiration for our readers?

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Some things in life can begin to feel static over time and it’s fun to shake things up! Try a new type of cuisine, pick up a new sport, read a book made of paper [insert chuckle here]. I’ll leave you with a quote my grandpa told me when I was a kid: “Try something once and if you don’t like it, you never have to try it again…but you have to try it once.”


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