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December 21, 2016

Get to Know Us: Quyen Pham

Quyen Pham, Managing Director, San Francisco



What’s wonderful about working for WünderLand?

Working in the digital, marketing, and creative segment is the next best thing to being a creative. Also, in WünderLand, it feels good to work with a group of people that truly care about delivering memorable experience for our clients, talent, and each other.

What drew you to staffing and recruiting?

I fell into it over 10 years ago and never looked back. It’s such a unique industry that offers the opportunity to learn about different organizations, cultures, and people. This industry is dynamic and I’m constantly learning each day.

What is your take on the current digital, creative and marketing business landscape? 

It’s an exciting space to be in and we have probably seen more change in the last couple of years than the last 10. I spent most of my career in IT/Tech staffing and services, and jumped at the opportunity to shift my focus to creative, marketing and digital because of the exciting things happening within the industry. As a consumer I am seeing how this convergence of marketing and technology is making my social media and consumer retail experience more visually appealing and relevant to me.

What about the digital, creative and marketing job market?

The demand is high, and I see this part in most growing organizations. Businesses are coming around to really understanding the importance of creative and marketing, and there is a higher demand to digitize it.

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What advice do you have for a company that is looking to hire?

Having flexibility helps to attract more high demand talent. The “gig economy” has become a buzz word…but there is good reason for that. For the best talent, I would suggest companies keep an open mind as to when and how they work with their talent community.

Why should a client want to work with WünderLand?

We stress quality and we mean it. We know that having access to high demand talent is only the beginning. WünderLand truly strives for a unique and memorable experience for our talent and client community, and based on our reviews on Glassdoor, Yelp, and winning Staffing Industry Analyst’s Best of Talent and Client Award is validating that we are doing the right things to achieve our mission.

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Life is crazy. What keeps you sane? How do you recharge?

My dogs help with this. They are constantly in the mood for a nice long hike, and getting outdoors, smelling the dirt, trees, water, and fresh air helps me to relax and enjoy the sunny days in Northern California. Also, with it now being winter, having Tahoe only a few hours away is a bonus. Let it snow!

If you had no fear and unlimited resources, what would you do with your life?

Many things - drive a VW bus from San Francisco to the tip of Chile, and then hop on a boat to cross the Drake and into Antarctica, summit K2, cage diving with great white sharks (that I will probably do in the near future), and learn how to intensely meditate in a Buddhist temple (my fear of sitting still and feeling every bit of pain and numbness for hours on end…and possibly never reaching an out-of-body experience) – for now, I’ll settle for a nice hour of yoga a few days a week.

Lastly, any quotes, mantras or inspiration for our readers?

Wake up with purpose and go to bed happy. It’s not mind blowing, but something I try to live by.

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